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Strong Roots Design, established by Sarah Jones, started taking root at the beginning of 2011. With lots of sunshine and rain (encouragement from family and friends), it began to sprout, and is now flourishing. Sarah noticed a need for more creative and visually appealing materials among the Lord’s church. Her love for the church and design is the driving force behind Strong Roots Design.

Sarah Jones received her B.A. in Visual Communications Design from Purdue University, and worked in the design industry for over three years, which gave her the tools and experience necessary to create Strong Roots Design. Her creativity and technical know-how enable her to produce high-quality work. And as a fellow Christian, she understands the design needs and goals of the church.

Strong Roots Design offers affordable and creative materials in a timely fashion. A nicely designed website, flyer, brochure, slideshow, or booth display could reach a global audience and help bring lost souls to Christ. By utilizing Strong Roots Design, you will also free up the precious time of your preachers and other members. Contact Strong Roots Design today!

Cultivate strong roots in all your design projects.

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Cultivate strong roots with all your design projects